Temple Run 2

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Temple Run 2, developed by Imangi, is an infinite runner where the player must escape from his enemy and avoid all the obstacles and traps that are found along the way. Traverse cliffs, forests, and even mines, and help this fearless treasure hunter escape with the gold idol. But hurry up! The evil monkey monsters are chasing you! Do you dare to join this exciting adrenaline-charged adventure?

Who created Temple Run 2?
Temple Run 2 is the second installment of the mega-hit Temple Run. It was created by Imangi. Play their legendary endless runner games Temple Run 2: Holi Festival, Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows, and Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall on Math Heaven!

How do you complete Temple Run 2?
Collect free coins, jump a second before you near the edges, upgrade your character stats, time your jumps well over double-jump obstacles, and make sure to complete stage objectives.

How can I play Temple Run 2 on PC?
You can play Temple Run 2 on your browser without installing or downloading it for free on Math Heaven.

Does Temple Run 2 end?
No. As the game is an endless running game, there is no end to the temple; the player plays until the character collides with a large obstacle, falls into the water, or is overtaken by the demon monkeys.

Is Temple Run 2 an online game or an offline game?
You need an internet connection to play Temple Run 2 on Math Heaven.

What is the monster in Temple Run 2?
Evil Demon Monkeys (or Devil Monkeys) are the main antagonists of Temple Run and its sequel, Temple Run 2. They chase the player in their quest to retrieve the golden idol.

What is the power meter in Temple Run 2?
Collect coins and fill the power meter in Temple Run 2 to unlock a temporary speed and invincibility boost.

How do you power up in Temple Run 2?
Open "Abilities" and tap on a power you wish to improve, such as Shield Duration, Coin Magnet, and Boost Distance.

Move - AD or Left/Right arrow keys

Jump - W or Up arrow key

Slide down- S or Down arrow key

Move and turn - swipe left/right

Jump - swipe up

Slide - swipe down



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